Thursday, July 30, 2009

Friday july 31st @ Monkey Town

Middle of Man...screening:
process and performance

Justine Lynch and the rest gather for an alchemical round-up of the events that led to, and the "treatment" that ensued, last April at The Kitchen (screening courtesy of The Kitchen). Friday, July 31st, 7-10pm, 7$...10$ minimum two screenings (7:30 and 9:00) with a performance in between

A surround screening of performances, events and photos of Middle of Man, the alchemical
"treatment" that occurred at the Kitchen in April but is still unfolding as a ripple of energy
through the city.Concurrent screenings overlap with ritual treatments of modern order,
ancient chaos.Tom McCauley, Jessie Gold, Sigal Bergman, Arabella Kauffman,
Paige Martin, Angela Vitacollona and more join Justine Lynch in powering a
night of offering and movement.Eat, Drink, Receive and Add to a this
performance/treatment at monkey town July 31st.
monkey town

An amazing restaurant and performance space in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Plan to come for dinner! Reservations strongly recommended.
Five Element Acupuncture

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