Thursday, July 16, 2009

Start your mondays with light

This Monday we had such a great group and we are truly thankful for your presence.The response has been so positive and we look forward to seeing more of you each week. The experience of energy work never ceases to amaze me...That the group has such powerful energy to give and heal each other. Abel and I are trained to hold the positive space for people to expand and you do the rest. What a way to start your week!!! We are also grateful for the park's trees and green for being a part of the process. Let's face it it is NYC and we need all the green as possible to fill up on our earth connection.It's so important to sit in these lovely parks that have been carved out for us and breathe in a little sunshine...

I'm also happy to report that I received my hug from Amma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The experience was true magic and true reality at the same time. This is a movement that I am honored to be apart of and volunteer my service to.I could go on and on about it ...but I do believe you may need to experience Amma in your own way. So if this leads you to her website ,listening to her chants,books,charity,or message ... "Namaste"

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