Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Challenge and Change

Hello Angels...How is everyone doing after the eclipse? As you can see it took me a week to post on the blog.. Anyone with Cancer in there chart?
"July could well be your landmark month of 2009 for it heralds the start of a new family of eclipses in Cancer and your opposite sign of Capricorn. Not since 2000 and 2001 have we seen a series of eclipses in this family of signs, and now that they will begin in July, they will keep coming, every six months, until July 2011."Cancer (June 21 - July 22) Horoscope by Susan Miller.
If your not up to date on Susan Miller it is time for an introduction. Friends this is Astrologyzone.com by Susan Miller. Check it out you will be thanking me later... So the reason for the posting delay would be ..yes I have Cancer and Double Capricorn in my chart. Since we are on the topic ,I recently had a reading by a shamanic astrologer. It changed my life! It gave me a life map of my true purpose here. Sounds impossible but there is no denying the date and times you are born and the position of the planets .So if you believe in Astrology and you add the deeper wisdom of shamanistic guidance you then get the undeniable purpose whether you like it or not. I'm not going to lie there were points in the reading where I was thinking "I don't want to deal with that ,can we move on to the good stuff" Well guess what ?...as Sao says "No challenge no Growth" We can all stay in the same place and stick to what we know . That's easy! The hard part is to address the things that are challenging. I can really can dance around those challenges thankfully the universe doesn't allow me as much playing around as it use to. Thanks Universe,Thank you Eclipse's, Thank you New Moon and thanks to the gifted astrologers that help us make some sense of it all.

Sao's Website: http://www.astrologyofchange.com
Susan Miller's Website:http://astrologyzone.com

Part of my challenge I look to the Second agreement,by Don Miguel Ruiz
"Don't take Anything Personally"

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