Monday, July 20, 2009

Soul Storage?

Yesterday I was walking home from the subway and this sign caught my eye!!I was laughing by myself and soon it got more attention from others passing.The whole concept of Soul storage is excellent!!! The absurdity is pure genius and it also makes us relate to the body soul connection. What if we dis connect the two? what would become of us?what does our souls smell, taste, feel,look like? hmmm...I love it ... I wanted to investigate this a little further. Of course I checked out the website and still was intrigued even though I saw familiar faces. Actors!!! this is a movie? Well they did a good job of grabbing my attention and yes I will go see the movie...Did I just rent my soul to the movie industry? Maybe just a sublet... it is NYC souls and housing are hard to hold on to!!

Today's Soul food picks:

"And now's the time,the time is now, sing my song"
Led Zeppelin -"
Ramble on"


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