Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hirwa Bracelet is in Stores Now!! support the women of Rwanda

Janet,Sarah & Joy 

"Introduced to Gahaya Links by a pioneer of the fashion industry, Tamika was inspired to design pieces for the organization that helps to rehabilitate women of Rwanda who have survived war. Gahaya Links assists women with traditional weaving skills to manufacture and sell their own goods. Co-founder Janet Nkubana’s goal was to heal and empower the women of Rwanda and promote the country’s socioeconomic development. The cooperative began with six women weaving baskets under a tree and has grown to helping over 3,000 women today"(

"Hirwa bracelets Available at Anthropologie stores
Hirwa, which in the Kinyarwanda language means to have luck while going through a difficult situation. The name of the bracelet says it all for these women who feel lucky to have been given the opportunity to manufacture the bracelets and have work to earn an income."

 Cuyo bracelets on the right hand(made by yours truly and Hirwa Bracelets (made by gahaya links)on the left hand...Hirwa bracelets were made with recycled silk sari fabric made from a women's coop in India. The bracelets are infused with healing energy,sustainability and are empowering women from africa and India.

I want to thank Linda Trau for introducing me to Gahaya links and helping me to be apart of this  
amazing project and cause.Linda is an inspiration,a radical innovator with a heart full of love and compassion.

"Tonya: What first brought you to Rwanda, and what is the story behind the line’s origins?
Linda: I was involved with a village that was built in Rwanda for orphaned children, and I saw how desperately poor the women were. These women were survivors of the genocide, and I decided to work in Rwanda the following summer to teach them vocational skills like sewing and making jewelry. The women responded amazingly well. Their spirits were lifted. I worked with the local materials, and began to design fashionable pieces for stores in the United States. We had a wonderful response and were able to empower hundreds of women. In turn, their lives were changed, as was mine. The humble gratitude was so inspiring and heartwarming that my life has been changed forever."full article

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The quick get away to Amherst, Ma..xox