Thursday, July 30, 2009

Friday july 31st @ Monkey Town

Middle of Man...screening:
process and performance

Justine Lynch and the rest gather for an alchemical round-up of the events that led to, and the "treatment" that ensued, last April at The Kitchen (screening courtesy of The Kitchen). Friday, July 31st, 7-10pm, 7$...10$ minimum two screenings (7:30 and 9:00) with a performance in between

A surround screening of performances, events and photos of Middle of Man, the alchemical
"treatment" that occurred at the Kitchen in April but is still unfolding as a ripple of energy
through the city.Concurrent screenings overlap with ritual treatments of modern order,
ancient chaos.Tom McCauley, Jessie Gold, Sigal Bergman, Arabella Kauffman,
Paige Martin, Angela Vitacollona and more join Justine Lynch in powering a
night of offering and movement.Eat, Drink, Receive and Add to a this
performance/treatment at monkey town July 31st.
monkey town

An amazing restaurant and performance space in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Plan to come for dinner! Reservations strongly recommended.
Five Element Acupuncture

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Journey To An Expanded Practice

Thank You Arizona...and all the wonderful light beings that continue to warm and light my heart each day ....You know who you are angels!!

"Before you enter the body,Forgive" Eckhart Tolle

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Challenge and Change

Hello Angels...How is everyone doing after the eclipse? As you can see it took me a week to post on the blog.. Anyone with Cancer in there chart?
"July could well be your landmark month of 2009 for it heralds the start of a new family of eclipses in Cancer and your opposite sign of Capricorn. Not since 2000 and 2001 have we seen a series of eclipses in this family of signs, and now that they will begin in July, they will keep coming, every six months, until July 2011."Cancer (June 21 - July 22) Horoscope by Susan Miller.
If your not up to date on Susan Miller it is time for an introduction. Friends this is by Susan Miller. Check it out you will be thanking me later... So the reason for the posting delay would be ..yes I have Cancer and Double Capricorn in my chart. Since we are on the topic ,I recently had a reading by a shamanic astrologer. It changed my life! It gave me a life map of my true purpose here. Sounds impossible but there is no denying the date and times you are born and the position of the planets .So if you believe in Astrology and you add the deeper wisdom of shamanistic guidance you then get the undeniable purpose whether you like it or not. I'm not going to lie there were points in the reading where I was thinking "I don't want to deal with that ,can we move on to the good stuff" Well guess what ? Sao says "No challenge no Growth" We can all stay in the same place and stick to what we know . That's easy! The hard part is to address the things that are challenging. I can really can dance around those challenges thankfully the universe doesn't allow me as much playing around as it use to. Thanks Universe,Thank you Eclipse's, Thank you New Moon and thanks to the gifted astrologers that help us make some sense of it all.

Sao's Website:
Susan Miller's Website:

Part of my challenge I look to the Second agreement,by Don Miguel Ruiz
"Don't take Anything Personally"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Tuesday xoxo

"focus attention on the feeling inside you. know that it is the pain-body. Accept that it is there. Don't think about it-don't let the feeling turn into thinking. Don't judge or analyze. Don't make an identity for yourself out of it, Stay present,and continue to be the observer of what is happening inside you. Become aware not only the emotional pain but also "the one who observes,"the silent watcher.this is the power of Now,the power of your own conscious presence. Then see what happens."Eckhart Tolle -the power of now-

Monday, July 20, 2009

Soul Storage?

Yesterday I was walking home from the subway and this sign caught my eye!!I was laughing by myself and soon it got more attention from others passing.The whole concept of Soul storage is excellent!!! The absurdity is pure genius and it also makes us relate to the body soul connection. What if we dis connect the two? what would become of us?what does our souls smell, taste, feel,look like? hmmm...I love it ... I wanted to investigate this a little further. Of course I checked out the website and still was intrigued even though I saw familiar faces. Actors!!! this is a movie? Well they did a good job of grabbing my attention and yes I will go see the movie...Did I just rent my soul to the movie industry? Maybe just a sublet... it is NYC souls and housing are hard to hold on to!!

Today's Soul food picks:

"And now's the time,the time is now, sing my song"
Led Zeppelin -"
Ramble on"


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Start your mondays with light

This Monday we had such a great group and we are truly thankful for your presence.The response has been so positive and we look forward to seeing more of you each week. The experience of energy work never ceases to amaze me...That the group has such powerful energy to give and heal each other. Abel and I are trained to hold the positive space for people to expand and you do the rest. What a way to start your week!!! We are also grateful for the park's trees and green for being a part of the process. Let's face it it is NYC and we need all the green as possible to fill up on our earth connection.It's so important to sit in these lovely parks that have been carved out for us and breathe in a little sunshine...

I'm also happy to report that I received my hug from Amma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The experience was true magic and true reality at the same time. This is a movement that I am honored to be apart of and volunteer my service to.I could go on and on about it ...but I do believe you may need to experience Amma in your own way. So if this leads you to her website ,listening to her chants,books,charity,or message ... "Namaste"

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Welcome Amma to New York

Amma the "Hugging Saint" will be in New York City next week , July7th,8th and 9th.The programs are free and are open to anyone who wishes to come and receive her blessing in the form of a hug.For more information please visit

Acupuncturist Dr.Weng will be with her as well. To make an appointment come to the hall and look for acupuncture table in the main hall. You can sign up the same day. the hours are generally 11am-3pm during the day and 11pm-3am in the evenings. The appointments cannot be made ahead of time.

I have seen Dr.Weng two times once in NY and once in LA. She is amazingly intuitive and a true master of Chinese medicine. Her gentle voice of wisdom to
a complete healing silence her practice is like no other I've experienced. I am truly thankful I was led to her,by Lisa and then to Amma...

This will be my first hug from Amma I'm truly excited!!! If you are planning to go to see Amma be prepared to stay until the wee hours of the morning. It is worth the wait I heard... so be patient and enjoy the love around you... XO

Friday, July 3, 2009

"Inner Light Fun" starting Monday July 6th morning healings @Mccarren Park

Please join us for our first morning group healing of the summer!!! July 6th Kicks off: INNER LIGHT FUN
Mccarren Park
Bedford and lorimer

Mondays 9am-11am
(join in anytime ,leave anytime)
ng, meditation, Group
Energy Healing wear comfortable
clothes blanket o
r yoga mat
(30-45 min intervals healing)