Friday, May 14, 2010

Transformation with a little help from my friends

People are always asking me where to go to heal... Well it is a long list so get out your book,phones or list it on your computer.. this is the start up of a blog reference community... I will add every month,weekly or daily to help you find the right person for you. Healing is a process and it takes courage and patience. Let these light workers be of service...xoxoxo
Dr. Mei Jen Weng
May 15th-May 18th

Dr. Mei Jen Weng is a licensed acupuncturist, oriental medicine doctor and Ph.D. She has treated people on Amma's tours throughout Europe, Australia, Japan, and the United States. She is a graduate of Chung Shan Medical College in Taiwan and Yuin University of Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Weng is not only a highly skilled master, she is a powerful intuitive and energetic healer. Patients who have received treatment say she is particularly gifted in facilitaing the rapid release of buried emotional blocks and past traumas which made them depressed, sad, or chronically ill.

Dr. Weng treats both men and women. Her vision is to "free people". She particularly supports the liberation of women and the Divine Feminine so that people can express greater joy, energy, peace, health and creativity in their lives and world service.

Treatments are $60.00 per treatment. Proceeds benefit Amma's worldwide charities.

A Doctor of Chinese medicine and Amma Devotee who recently received treatment from Dr. Weng said, "She is truly a master. When I watch her work, I see how I can improve my own practice."

OM Amriteshwaryai Namah

for appointments please email:
or call 718.757.2758

97 green street apt g3
the G train to greenpoint Ave, walk north on manhattan avenue, turn left on green street. we are the cream colored warehouse on the right

Thomas Droge acupuncture 212-223-1320
Thomas also teaches Chi gong on Thursdays at Kula Yoga
here is an example of his class and what to expect:

Today we will be working on breath, strength and sinew relaxation.
Join us for 90 minutes of sweat and concentration as we work the physical alchemy of Taoist Movement Practice.
We will explore Lou Han patting , opening hips and rhythmic shamanic movement practices to free the body and mind from its habituated correspondences
This class is a beginner level drop in class, anyone can show up at Kula Yoga , 28 Warren street, at the corner of church. Check for directions.
If you have been receiving acupuncture or want to experience the flow of qi in your body, as well as dig in to the nature of what moves you; come find your breath in your body with us today .
Regain control over your own health and cultivate your warrior spirit.

To quote a teacher of mine Eric Schneider, "We stand on the shoulders of giants."
These qi gong methods all come from the teachers who I have studied with over the last 25 years. They include: Peter Baker, Joshua Grant, Eric Schneider, Shi Yan Ming, Yang Fu Kuai, Frank Butler, Tom Bisio, James Montelbano, Zhongxian Wu, Jay and Jen Bartholemew and many more as well as all the teachers who helped these giants and those before them .
I am grateful to all of you for the knowledge you have shared with me and hope that I will continue to carry on these traditions with integrity, innovation and honor.
Thomas Droge Dipl. OM.

Zero Balancing:
Paige Martin LMT, ZB
call : 917-805-3522
Zero Balancing is a non-invasive hands-on treatment developed by osteopath and acupuncturist Dr. Fritz Smith in 1973. It evaluates and balances the relationship between the energy fields of the body and its physical structure. By applying gentle pressure with particular attention paid to foundation joints, zero balancing creates clearer, stronger energy fields in the body mind and a balanced energy in the bone and skeletal system, enabling the client to function with a deeper personal strength and harmony.

  • Abel Costa, LMT, Reiki Master
  • 646-234-9936
Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy (BCST) works with your body and nervous system to restore what has been burnt out and neglected, and rewires the brain to adopt healthier regulatory strategies.

It is my intention to assist you on your journey, wherever that may lead, and to provide you with support and a deep resonance of empathy, love and compassion.

Our modern-day lifestyles require us to be focused, always “on”, and to produce results that we sometimes perceive as impossible. The demands we confront in our daily lives create a constitution of stress and a continuous state of hyper-arousal. In time, these hyperactive states begin to wear on our bodies and minds making us feel fatigued and tired. Perhaps you feel like your pilot light has been extinguished and you must rely on stimulants to push you through the day. In the field of BCST we have a term called “ignition”. When this dynamic occurs, it rekindles those burnt-out flames. This spark can be perceived as tapping in to a well of resources deep within your being. For me, ignition feels like an illuminated state that is pure and sustained. In time, once you’ve accessed this endless well of resources, you will become more familiar with these states and begin to adopt a new constitution – one that is brighter, and radiant.

Reiki :Lisa levine breathwork,reiki and much more...

Massage: Ariel sheldon


(deep deep tissue amazing work)

Reiki Principles
Just for Today, I will not Worry
Just for Today, I will not Anger
Just for Today, I will earn my living Honestly
Just for Today, I will show Gratitude to every living thing
Just for Today, I will Honor my Parents,Teachers and Elders

Reiki /intuitive energy balancing with Tamika treating in LA all of June

please call me to make an appointment if your out west 347-251-2845

Brooklyn,manhattan,California and everywhere I go...xoxo

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