Friday, June 4, 2010

Makers Market this Weekend @ Socrates Sculpture Park

Long shelf unit available at the showroom pictures at MMarket


special edition one- of -a- kind toys
I may be in LA but my heart will be at the MM Event in NY(L.I.C)!!! Patrick will be selling some of his showroom samples and other special edition pieces for special discount prices... Yes you heard me right...great deals don't blink they will sell fast!! He even made some cutting trays ... He will be showcasing his line of lamps and sneak peak of new credenza's to come don't miss his booth. There is no other market like the Maker Market it is a class in it's self. I will miss all the fun but you don't have to...xoxo


  1. p.s. my bracelets will be on sale at the booth too

  2. I'm sorry I missed seeing your Patrick's stuff. I've been to the Socrates Sculpture park before and they always have interesting stuff there to see. - Theresa Emily Ann