Thursday, June 25, 2009

Inner Light Fun

Starting in July Abel Costa and myself will be offering group healing in two parks this Summer.We are calling it "Inner Light Fun". Working in groups is very powerful not only are you healing yourself but you are a part of healing someone next to you,the park ,the whole City and Beyond.. We will be creating a safe place in the park to heal and have fun doing it. We like to call it light hearted...We all have the power to change the serious pain body response into inner and outer gratitude,light and joy. Not always so easy on your own. Both Abel and myself have committed our lives to energy work and the expansion of our healing practice. Sharing this practice is our gift to you and you experiencing it is your gift to us.


Mccarren Park
Bedford and lorimer

Mondays 9am-11am
(join in anytime ,leave anytime)
ng, meditation, Group Energy Healing
wear comfortable clothes
blanket o
r yoga mat


Madison square park
23rd and Broadway
Mondays 7pm-7:45pm
blanket or yoga mat
Meditation,Group Energy Healing

Every Monday
check this Blog for rain dates
Love and light
Tamika Rivera

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