Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Join my lovely friend Tim to Italy... looks amazing!

• a week of pure ‘you’ time immersed in the natural beauty of the Mediterranean coastline with daily healthy Italian meals filled with fresh vegetables, seafood and local wines.
• a room with a view of the wine terraces with your own peaceful private sunny patio dotted with jasmine blossoms.
• it’s not all just eating – there’s also exclusive access to a personal trainer and optional private daily morning fitness classes in the mediterranean air right from your hotel. just in case you want to work off some of that pasta.
• new recipes and cooking skills — learning how to prepare easy meals for your ‘real life’. You’ll also learn Italian family recipes because you’re invited to the home of a local — a night of cooking and eating, Italian style (and you’ll be raiding his wine cellar too!).
• a day of shopping with locals in a small city for those yummy Italian shoes, clothes and home decor — speaking Italian not required, or figuring out which stores to go to — You’ll have a bilingual personal shopper help you find mementos and treasures to take home.
• it’s pretty much A totally stress-free Italian getaway — a relaxed ultra-fun week away from work, obligations and your dreaded inbox. Your friendly hosts will personally show you the best sights, villages, beaches and food of the beautiful and charming cinque terre. no planning or organizing or stress because Italian Fix takes care of everything.
• this trip is designed exclusively for women of all ages and space is limited to 10 people and reservations are being taken now (this is their last trip of the year). travel on your own with the group, or bring a friend. you can see the full itinerary here and read reviews from previous attendees here. ciao!

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