Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My friend's experience in this video


Please take a moment to count your blessing...blessings to all that have been effected by the storm...Mother natures cry..
now take a moment before you vote tomorrow.
think of your family & friends without water,heat,electric,gas,or a home ...
now think of the people making money off your tragedy.

This is what privatizing FEMA means my dear country ...
That is what

a Republican vote will buy for a big company...
This is not about big government this is about taking care of your neighbors...

I do not judge anyone's view. Respect & love
I would love for you to take a min to hear,see and experience the truth
It is staring us all in the eyes..wide open
global warming is a reality ... it is in our back yard and it effects everyone equally ...you decide ..Is it ok to have a few individuals make money from people who have lost everything from a flood, fire, earth quake, a storm?
They say we will have a storm on Wednesday maybe snow...

May you all stay warm and safe tonight

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