Saturday, March 17, 2012

I heard a different story about st Patrick's Day...that Ireland never had any snakes to chase out...To my ancestor tribes from Ireland we honor you...
A Women of ireland:
Grace O'malley:Irish tomboy, Gráinne Ní Mháille, was always better known as Grace O'Malley, the infamous pirate queen. This notorious lady boasts of having commanded 3 galleys, 20 ships and over 200 men. She was born in the 1530's in County Mayo, Ireland. She was a feared sea pirate, an adept seafarer, a shrewd trader and a knowledgeable Chieftain. Her crew respected her for her knowledge and fighting ability. This twice widowed and twice imprisoned woman, was also a mother. She won many battles against the British and yet it was Queen Elizabeth I, who pardoned her death condemnation. It is the stuff of legends in Ireland, how this pirate went alone to visit the British Queen and not only got herself pardoned, but also earned in her, a good friend and ally. Even today, Ireland has many a song on her life, that continues to make her immortal, with even the coming generations.

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