Friday, July 16, 2010

Treehouse Brooklyn is 4 yrs old!!let's Party!!

Look up in the trees and you may find a magical place where lion's prrr , dream catcher's catch,painter's tote, feathers fly and goddesses adorn...although I have a feeling this was dreamed up in Northern California? Thankfully it was delivered to us right here in Brooklyn...Well the treehouse Brooklyn is turning 4 years old This Sunday July 18th!!Ok this is like finding the honey comb hide out and you get to shop!!...If You don't know now you know !!!
Like the tree house goddess says "come inside! hang out in our branches! kisses from the branches, and reaching for the stars," sirius* (lux) treehouse

Sunday, july18th,'ve been sufficiently warned. it's gonna be the jam! treehouse is 4! OMG FRACKIN CRAZY!!!!
430 Graham Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
...sales, tunes, cocktails, cute know the drill....but this time, times 4!

P.S.. Treehouse has some Bamboo candles and I just dropped off some bracelets for Sunday's event!!Get them quick!!!

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