Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thinking about staying in the moment...

Reiki Principles
Just for Today, I will not Worry
Just for Today, I will not Anger
Just for Today, I will earn my living Honestly
Just for Today, I will show Gratitude to every living thing
Just for Today, I will Honor my Parents,Teachers and Elders

Its been a long time since I just sat down and wrote what's on my mind. Really time has been flying by and the days although sweetly interesting have also been challenging. I love when Pema Chodron talks about loving life both sweet and sour. This line really gives you something real to work with . The big message is to not become attached to either. Life is both and welcome it all and be in the moment. I wish it was so easy. That is why we have Reiki,acupuncture,Cranio Sacral,Massage ,Zero Balancing and all other Body-energy-work

I know I have the awesome ability to slip out of balance and hold on to the questions and emotions. The ride is always different depending on the planets,stars and my husband...
The things that gets me out of the spiral are: Counting the breath (ie flight or flight ),listen to Amma chanting or other music,open a book read/write,think of all that I'm thankful for and basically remind myself not to stay to long. Its hard!! sometimes I want to swim far out in these murky waters I have traveled so often its somehow comforting. I'm sure some of you can relate but the staying to long is the part that gets us into trouble. Touch it lightly,Pema would say...the staying is with the breath the moment
I want to dedicate this post to Pema Chodron who always makes me laugh,cry and feel great in who I am in this moment.

In this moment do not worry
In this moment be kind to yourself
In this moment love yourself fully
I love you xoxoxo

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