Friday, August 27, 2010

New Rings this fall ...

Introducing " Leon" ..need I say more light beings!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Come to Momma-Los Angeles

Give to me your leather

take from me lace-Stevie Nicks

Its been a month since I have been back from LA and the magical memories need to be shared with all of you lovelies...Starting with "Come to Mamma" a mystical shop journey through the trees where nymph silks hang like fruits kissed from the light-spectrum goddess herself each hand died personally by Terri Mussatti-"Mamma goddess". This women knocked me over with her open heart to heart hippie hugs, touch of punk n lace ,Rock-on eye for fashion,and a true helper of finding the sexy potential goddess in all of us...male or female... Did I mention silk vintage slips hand died to perfection!! Girls you are going to want to put your order in now cause her vintage died pieces are going fast... Great for day ,eve,bed or ball ...your choice... If you are in the LA area make sure to make an apt or stop by for a weekend visit to her shop. Don't leave without a slip dress and a hug!! And a big exciting congratulations on getting in the Fred Segal Silk store!!
whoohoo! love you girl!!!xoxoxo

Come to Mamma We are at Smooth n Purdy Arts & Beauty Collective @ the Complex
3015 Glendale Blvd. suite #300 LA CA 90039 hours 12-7 Sat & Sun or by apt. only mon-fri call #(310) 625-8167

"Fred Segal Silk has a whole new attitude. La Perla and Cosabella are fab key players and new designers like Diana Broussard and Come to Mama's hand dyed vintage pieces complete every look!"-fred segal silk facebook page
Santa Monica, CA, 90401 Phone:310-394-8186

Monday, August 2, 2010

No Place Better...

Why reject where you are? why seek elsewhere for excitation, entertainment, or distraction when life is always unfolding here and now,and there is no place better and no other time ?
-Arriving at your door-108 lessons in mindfulness- Jonkabat-Zinn